Press Clipping
Duende Libre: The Dance She Spoke

The musical team of Alex Chadsey/p-key, Farko Dosumov/b and Jeff Busch creates smooth Afro Cuban sounds and pulses, joined by vocalists Frank Anderson, Chava Mirel and occasional guests Thione Dip/perc and Jabrille Williams/g. The two vocalists sing lyrics to each other and in unison over the festive percussion on “Dansa” and tribal “N’Gri” with Anderson getting into a Motown mood when singing in English on the synthy “You Gotta Go” with a hip solo by Williams. Mirel gets funky on ‘Lafe’” and the band creates some early period Weather Report/CTI tones with sleek piano, keyboards and exotic grooves on “Echoes” and “Mendiani”. Cheerful chimes.