Press Clipping
Duende Libre - The Dance She Spoke

The esteemed Seattle jazz outfit Duende Libre return with a 3rd album, where a cross cultural experience that celebrates American and West African traditions is birthed with plenty of joy and an equal amount of creativity.

“Hush (Dawn)” starts the listen with frisky percussion alongside graceful piano that abruptly shifts into sublime acrobatics, and “Fefo (Hamana)” continues the sophistication with firm vocals in the cultured jazz meets African ideas with plenty of textures.

Further on, “N’gri (Wassoulou)” brings tama and djembe as well as dual gender vocals into the soulful yet playful setting, while “Echoes (Wassoulou)” uses an organ strategically as innovative percussion helps guide the restrained jazz album highlight.

Closer the end, Jabrille Williams brings some incredible electric guitar to the powerful rock of “You Gotta Go”, which is sung in English, and “Hush (Twilight)” exits the listen with plenty of rhythm and dynamic instrumentation in the fascinating instrumental.

An extremely well done record where funk and Motown nods are also in attendance, there’s no shortage of grooves and rhythm here, as world music and fusion are both integrated in gorgeous fashions between the skilled players where Duende Libre establishes a very focused connection with the listener.

Travels well with: Cúnao- Rayuela; Wesli- Rapadou Kreyol